The pre-art therapy concentration will prepare the student for graduate studies in art therapy helping people express themselves using the creativity of painting, drawing or other artistic means. The student will take a combination of art and psychology courses that are prerequisites for graduate school programs in art therapy.

Education majors with a licensure in art will also benefit from this concentration. They will be able to apply the concepts learned in this concentration in their classrooms and teaching practice. 

Concentration for Psychology major: 18 SH in VACA
Any of the courses listed below can be used to meet the Core Curriculum Creative Arts requirement except the Intermediate and Advanced Studio courses.

Concentration for VACA major in Studio Art: 15 SH in Psychology

Concentration for Art Education major: 9 SH in Psychology

Students majoring in disciplines outside of Psychology, Studio Art, or Art Education need to complete the VACA courses listed in section 1 and the Psychology courses listed in section 2 to receive a concentration in Pre-Art Therapy.