Advisor: Timothy Seidel
Semester Hours: 19-20

The minor in global studies is ideal for students in the liberal arts, engineering, nursing, business, or any other field where critical thinking and global competency are valued. The minor offers students the opportunity to study the interrelated processes shaping today's increasingly interdependent world. As with the global studies major, the minor will require that a student's cross-cultural (which should be a minimum of six weeks in the region) and foreign language requirements correspond to their declared regional focus. A minor in global studies will entail at least ten semester hours taken from the core, three semester hours from a thematic focus, and six semester hours from a regional focus (fulfilled through the student's cross-cultural experiences).

Required Courses (10-11 SH)

Thematic Focus (3 SH)
In consultation with an advisor, choose 3 SH of approved coursework in one of the global studies thematic concentrations of global sustainability, global justice and peacebuilding, or global societies and cultures.

Regional Focus (6 SH)
These 6 SH will be fulfilled through the student's cross-cultural experience (which should be a minimum of six weeks in the region) in one of the global studies regional concentrations of Latin America, Middle East, Asia, or Central/East Africa.