Our Master of Science in Biomedicine and Master of Arts in Health Care Management (HCM) dual degree program uniquely challenges students to take courses broadly from several disciplines. Not only will you take courses to prepare you for a fast-paced and ever-evolving health care landscape, but you will also be introduced to concepts around infectious diseases, bioethics, and health care management in a cross-cultural setting. A Master’s in Health Care Management from EMU provides students with the relevant business skills for effective decision making and ethical leadership to improve the quality of health care in hospitals, insurance and managed care companies, pharmaceuticals, public health organizations, biotech firms, and a variety of health care settings.

Admission Requirements

Course Requirements for the Biomedicine/HCM Dual Degree

Semester Hours: Total of 72

Dual Biomedicine/HCM Core Courses (24 SH)

Natural Sciences (18-19 SH)
Select from the following:

Biomedicine Electives (5-6 SH)*
Offered with adequate enrollment. Select from the following:

 * An elective course can be taken in any other master’s program at EMU

Required Health Care Management Courses (18 SH)

Health Care Electives (6 SH)
Select from the following: