Master of Science in Biomedicine

Degree: Master of Science
Semester Hours:

An MS in Biomedicine from EMU can open doors. After earning a two-year master's, our students have proven that they are prepared for the rigors of professional health school. Our graduates have utilized their master's degree to obtain jobs at prestigious research facilities, non-profit organizations, and various healthcare centers.

EMU's Master of Science in Biomedicine degree allows you to pick and choose which graduate-level natural science courses you need and would like to take. Our curriculum will set your application apart with our built-in cross-cultural experience, practicum shadowing, thesis research, ethics and leadership training, and interdisciplinary course offerings.

Biomedical Courses ( 43-46 SH )

+ Requisite course if not completed as an undergraduate (applies to certain career paths)
~ Another natural science course may be substituted for BMC 561, BMC 562, BMC 612, or BMS 517.

Electives (5-6 SH)

Master of Science in Pre-Medicine

Degree: Master of Science
Semester Hours: 30 graduate credits + 20-28 undergraduate credits

Graduate Pre-Medicine Courses (8 SH)

Graduate Biomedical Science Courses (22-26 SH)
Select from the following:

Recommended Undergraduate Courses (20-28 SH)