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Faculty: Ryan Good

Students explore career-building internships, city life, cultural diversity, and the connections between faith and work at the Washington Community Scholars' Center (WCSC). Begun in 1976, WCSC brings students to Washington, D.C. to learn hands-on about their vocations, urban social change, race and ethnicity, faith, and personal growth. WCSC programs combine professional internships, group living, and seminar courses. WCSC faculty design internships in partnership with students and their academic advisors.

More Information and How to Apply
More information on the program, a directory of recent internships, and the online application can be found at Inquiries are also welcome at or call 202-529-5378.

WCSC Student Life
Students live together in the Nelson Good House, located in the historic Brookland neighborhood. The house is a ten-minute walk from the Brookland-CUA Metro station, the Catholic University of America, shops, restaurants and recreational areas. It is an excellent location from which to explore the city. WCSC student life is a community experience, including shared meals, cooking, and cleaning. Through living together, students gain new perspectives about themselves and others, in addition to building leadership, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills.

Programs and Academic Credit
The Washington Community Scholars' Center provides a strong academic program, grounded in field experiences in Washington D.C.'s diverse neighborhoods. WCSC programs meet EMU cross-cultural and EMU Core requirements. Additionally, a semester at WCSC substantially completes the requirements of the minor in community organizing and development.

Fall and Spring Courses

  • CCSSC 387 Race, Space, and Inequality - 3  Details
  • SOC 375 Community Development - 3  Details
  • WCSC 285 Internship Theory & Practice  - 1  Details
  • WCSC 385 Internship - 6  Details
  • WCSC 485 Servant Leadership - 2  Details

Summer Courses

  • CCSSC 387 Race, Space, and Inequality - Details
  • WCSC 325 Career and Vocation: Strategies and Values - 2  Details
  • WCSC 380 Internship - 5  Details
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