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Advisors: Timothy Seidel and Gloria Rhodes

The accelerated program is a collaboration between EMU's undergraduate Peacebuilding & Development program and the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. The accelerated program is designed to award exceptional and/or non-traditional students a BA in peacebuilding and development, BA in peacebuilding, or BA in global development, and an MA in conflict transformation or MA in restorative justice through an accelerated curriculum (typically completed in five years). Students should express interest in the program during their first year as an undergraduate or as soon as possible so they can be assigned an advisor, plan their course of study, and determine financial assistance.

Students will formally apply to the graduate program (usually during the third year of undergraduate studies). If admission is granted they will continue with the accelerated curriculum; if their application is denied, they will continue with the standard undergraduate curriculum without penalty. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and an EMU faculty recommendation in order to apply to the graduate program.

The undergraduate curriculum for the BA/MA accelerated program requires completion of the EMU Core curriculum and the peacebuilding and development major, the peacebuilding major, or the global development major. Upon successful application to the graduate program and completion of a minimum of 105 undergraduate semester hours, students will then take an additional 45 SH to complete the graduate degree.

Undergraduate students pursuing the accelerated program are asked to develop a rich portfolio of experiences that demonstrate their experience and awareness of national and global issues. To that end, students are asked to participate in the Washington Community Scholars' Center (WCSC) program including completing a summer or semester-long internship or the equivalent (e.g. a significant practice experience such as the 3-month International Peacebuilding and Development Practicum {IPDP} program or other by approval). Students are also required to complete a cross-cultural semester or equivalent (e.g. satisfied by international student status or evidence of 3 months in a cross-cultural context).

Once a candidate is accepted into the graduate program, their fourth year will include classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Attendance at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute between the fourth and fifth years is required, and the student will typically conclude master's degree requirements in the final (fifth) year. Further details are available from the Peacebuilding & Development program director, the accelerated program advisor, and the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding academic program coordinator.

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