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Advisor: Jim Leaman
Degree: Bachelor of Science
 Hours: 48
Admission Requirements: 
To graduate with a departmental major, students must first earn admission to the department. This typically occurs during the spring semester of the second year, and late-entry transfer students apply for admission after their first semester at EMU. Students must have department admission to apply for an internship and several upper-level courses. Students seek admission to the department by completing an application and an interview with their advisor; they must meet the GPA requirement of 2.00 overall and 2.50 for major courses taken at EMU. Students must maintain these GPA standards to retain admission and to graduate from the department.

Many courses in the department have prerequisites; this requirement is met by earning a letter grade of C or higher on the prerequisite course before enrolling in subsequent courses (a grade of C- does not meet this requirement).

The major in business administration provides a broad background for people entering a career in business or leadership in private, public, or nonprofit organizations. Job opportunities include management, marketing, banking and finance, production supervision, program management, and other positions requiring skills in leadership, planning, organizing, and implementation. Students are encouraged to develop an area of specialization by adding one or more minors.

Students interested in managing computer information systems should add a computer science minor to the business administration major.

Required Courses (48 SH)

  • ACTG 221 Financial Accounting - Details
  • ACTG 222 Managerial Accounting - 3  Details
  • BUAD 101 Business at EMU - 3  Details
  • BUAD 221 Principles of Management - 3  Details
  • BUAD 301 Quantitative Decision Making - 3  Details
  • BUAD 331 Organizational Behavior - 3  Details
  • BUAD 411 Business Law - 3  Details
  • BUAD 461 Strategic Leadership in Organizations - Details
  • CIS 211 Spreadsheet and Data Management - Details
  • CIS 251 Management Information Systems - Details
  • ECON 211 Principles of Microeconomics - 3  Details
  • ECON 212 Principles of Macroeconomics - 3  Details
  • Any 300 or 400 level ECON course - 3
  • FIN 440 Financial Management - 3  Details
  • MKTG 201 Principles of Marketing - 3  Details
  • MKTG 311 Marketing Research - 3  Details
  • STAT 120 Descriptive Statistics - 2  Details
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