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EMU at Lancaster Faculty, Staff and Administration

Lisa Campbell, BA

Graduate Programs Assistant & Recruitment Specialist

Director, Admissions 


Zach Hurst, BA

Chief Flight Instructor ATS

Mary Krahn Jensen, EdD

Associate Provost

David E. Martin, PhD

Director, Master of Arts in Education, Pa. 

Kaleigh Ott, MSW

Undergraduate Programs Assistant

Student Success Coordinator

Marcy Root

Executive Assistant

Lisa Sauder, MSW

Registration & Student Success Coordinator


Christine Sharp, DSL

Director, Leadership & Organizational Management

Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies

Michael Shelley, BS

Educational Technology Analyst

John Sibole, BS

Director, Aviation

Julie R. Siegfried, MA

Director of Operations

Michelle Siejak

Recruitment Specialist

Catherine Stover, MEd

Associate Director, Communications and Marketing

Director, Professional Development


Darla Shober

Coordinator, Student Financial Services

Lea Ann VanBuskirk, RN, MSN

Director, Healthcare Programs


Nancy Wise, PhD

Faculty, RN to BS in Nursing


EMU Board of Trustees           

Learn more about the members of our board