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Applicants to the EMU aviation program (LOMV) must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship. An applicant must show evidence of U.S. citizenship with one of the following:
    • valid unexpired U.S. passport
    • or, original or government-issued U.S. birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID
  • For Non-U.S. citizen procedures, go to TSA Clearance for Non-Citizens 
  • Produce an official high school transcript, with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.6 or GED equivalency.
  • Submit a satisfactory writing sample.
  • Obtain an FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate. This is not required at the time of application but is required before beginning academic classes or flight training.

Transfer credit options include the following:

  • LOMV applicants may receive credit for the EMU Private Pilot Flight course by presenting their FAA Private Pilot Certificate, with Airplane Single-engine Land Rating, obtained elsewhere. LOMV applicants may receive credit for the EMU Private Pilot Ground course by presenting their official FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test results. However, such applicants must audit EMU’s AVIA 120 Private Pilot Ground course in its entirety.
  • LOMV applicants may transfer credits from other schools or colleges, which includes up to 30 semester hours for aviation certificates or ratings earned through qualified Part 141 Pilot Schools. In order to graduate with authorization to train and test for the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (R-ATP) at 1,000 hours of flight time, the the transfer of an Instrument-Airplane Rating, or Commercial Pilot Certificate, with Airplane Single-engine Land Rating, must have been obtained through a Part 141 Collegiate Aviation Program holding an FAA Letter Of Authorization for a flight hour reduction.
  • Credit (up to 30 hours) may be transferred from accredited technical, community, or four-year institutions. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above is required for applicants who have completed a minimum of 20 semester hours of college-level coursework. If that minimum has not been met, applicants may demonstrate a high school diploma with a minimum 2.6 GPA or GED equivalency or  SAT (980 combined score) or ACT (19 composite score).
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) or DSST (formerly Defense Activity for Nontraditional Students or DANTES) testing is also an alternative to obtain credit.

English language proficiency:

EMU is committed to ensuring that our students meet the FAA Aviation English Language Standard (AELS). The AELS minimum level to be considered English proficient is International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Language Proficiency Operational Level 4. All applicants to the EMU aviation program will be evaluated as to this standard upon applying for their Student Pilot Certificate. If they appear not to meet this standard, per FAA policy they will be referred to the local FAA Flight Standards District Office for further evaluation. If the FAA determines that they do not meet the standard, EMU will provide opportunities for training to bring the applicant’s proficiency up to the AELS. Admission to the LOMV program may be conditional, pending completion of language training and issuance of a Student Pilot Certificate. Students who enter the program already having been issued a Student Pilot Certificate, or higher level of FAA Certificate, will already have been evaluated for AELS. However, even though an applicant meets, or previously has met AELS, EMU may require English language training to assure the student’s success in flight training and academic studies.


LOMV applicants must submit the following items:

  1. Online application (no application fee)
  2. Official transcripts from all high schools attended or from accredited technical schools, colleges or universities attended
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. Writing sample

After EMU receives the application form and assessment of credit earning, all transcripts submitted and the writing sample will be evaluated. An assessment of the credit earning possibilities represented by their list of professional and personal learning experience also will be analyzed.

When all required application documents have been submitted, and if the applicant meets the admission requirements of the LOMV program, the applicant will be invited to attend a formal in-person admissions interview with the EMU Director of Aviation and the Aero-Tech Services Chief Instructor. The admissions interview may be conducted via remote means only under extraordinary circumstances.

After the interview, if it is determined that the applicant has the potential to succeed in the EMU/Aero-Tech Services collegiate aviation curriculum, their admission package will be reviewed by an Admissions Committee. If approved by the Admissions Committee, the applicant will receive a letter of admission to the program. Admission status will be in one of the following categories:

  • Unconditional Admission. Unconditional admission indicates that the applicant has met all the admission requirements.
  • Conditional Admission. The applicant granted conditional admission is one who has minimal entry deficiencies but has submitted an acceptable specific educational plan for removing those deficiencies by the end of semester one.  The Admissions Committee will review the educational plan and judge it acceptable or not acceptable. The LOMV Academic Advisor will monitor conditional students and change their conditional status to unconditional admission when the plan has been completed.
    • In order to remain in the LOMV program, students admitted conditionally must accept any and all academic assistance offered by EMU. If a conditionally admitted student fails to maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and must accept any and all academic assistance offered by EMU, they may be administratively withdrawn from the LOMV program.
    • Students with conditional admission due to writing deficiencies must accept assistance from a writing tutor designated by EMU.