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Table of Contents

General Info

  • System Numbers
    • Voicemail              - 4999
    • Auto Attendant     - 4000
  • Web Interface
    • You can use the web interface to configure call forwarding, assign speed dials, set your voicemail PIN, and much more! To access the web interface navigate to and login using your ROYAL credentials. If you are accessing a shared extension you can log into to obtain credentials OR contact the helpdesk.
  • Phone Model Identification
VVX Series 

SoundPoint IP Series

Calling 101

  • Place a call:

    • Dial the number and lift the handset OR lift the handset, dial the number and press the send soft button

    • When dialing external numbers you do not need to use 9 (though it will still work if you do)

      • To dial an On Campus extension enter the 4 digit extension
      • To dial Local numbers enter the 7 or 10 digit number
      • To dial Long Distance enter the 10 digit number
      • To dial International numbers enter 011 + <destination country code> + phone number
  • Receive a call
    • When the phone rings, lift the handset
    • To answer in speakerphone mode press the Speaker button OR Answer soft button.

Call Parking

  • To use the Call Park feature you must request a Call Park Extension from the helpdesk

  • To park a call:
    • While a call is in session, Transfer the call to your Call Park Extension
    • To monitor the presence of your Call Park, configure a Speed Dial Key with Presence with your Call Park Extension
  • To retrieve a parked call:
    • Dial *4 + Call Park Extension
  • Special Note:  When un-parking a call and then re-parking it, the call must be parked in the same Call Park Extension.  This applies even if the call is transferred to a different user in between parks.

Call Pick With Speed Dial Key

  • You can pick a call on a speed dial key that you subscribed to presence on

    • Call rings on the other line

    • Press the line key

    • Lift handset

  • There is not a way to preview the caller before picking the call

  • Call pick with fail if you lift the handset prior to pressing the line key

Connect to Voicemail

  • Log into voicemail by dialing 4999 or by pressing Messages/Voicemail button on phone

    • Enter PIN number

    • If you do not know your PIN visit to set your PIN

Connect to Voicemail From Another Phone

  • Log into voicemail by dialing 4999 or by pressing Messages button on phone

    • Press # at Voicemail Greeting

    • Enter your extension

    • Enter your PIN

Do Not Disturb

When enabled all incoming calls will go directly to voicemail.  

  • For VVX Phones

    • Press the DND soft button to enable.  Press again to disable
  • For SoundPoint IP Phones
    • Press the Do Not Disturb Feature Key to enable.  Press again to disable

Forward Phone

You can forward your phone to voicemail so that incoming calls go directly to voicemail

  • To enable/disable DND see Do Not Disturb section above.

You can forward your phone to any number by using the Web Interface

  • Log into the

  • Click on the three bars in the upper left corner

  • Click on settings

  • Click on Call Forwarding

  • Configure forwarding as desired
    • Click the + sign to add a new forwarding rule
    • Check the Active checkbox to enable the forwarding rule
    • Set condition At the same time so that your desk phone will ring in addition to the forwarding number
    • Set condition If no response so that the forwarding rule only applies if your desk phone is not answered
    • In Forward to enter the destination number (10 digit number, no non numeric characters)
    • Timeout is the number of seconds the destination phone will ring
      • If forwarding rule has a longer duration than the extension ring duration, the caller will go to the destination phone's voicemail on an unanswered call.
  • If forwarding to another extension on campus and you wish that the caller reach the destination extension's voicemail, you will need to add a second call forwarding rule
    • Set condition If no response
    • In Forward to enter the destination voicemail box. 5 + four digit extension

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

  • The MWI lamp will illuminate when you have an unheard voicemail

  • If you do not wish to use WMI you can disable it and only receive voicemail notifications.  This setting can be configured in the web interface.
    • Log into the
    • Click on the three bars in the upper left corner
    • Click on Settings
    • Click on Personal Attendant
    • Check the box for "Forward and Delete voicemail"
    • Click Save

Missed Calls

  • You may see text at the top of your phone screen "1 missed call"

  • To view and clear your missed calls simply press the down navigation key
  • Upon viewing the list of missed calls the message at the top of your screen will go away.
  • You can also clear the call list:
    • Press the More soft key
    • Press the Clear soft key
    • Select from the list of All, Missed, Received, Placed Calls
    • Press the Select soft key

Put a Call on Hold

  • While on a call press Hold button or soft button (place handset in cradle if desired).

  • To retrieve call, lift the handset (if necessary) and press the flashing line button OR Resume soft button.

    • To resume in speakerphone mode place and leave the handset in cradle before resuming.

Speed Dial Keys

  • To configure a line key for speed dial, log into with your ROYAL username and password

    • Click on the three bars in the upper left corner

    • Click on Settings

    • Click on Speed Dials

    • Uncheck "Only use Group Speed Dials"

    • Click the plus sign and add a phone number or extension and add a name

    • Change the order of Speed dials by clicking the up and down arrows to the right of column

    • When changes have been made, click "Save and update phone(s)"

    • Go to the phone itself and press the Home key
    • Select Settings, option 1 Basic, option 7 Restart Phone
      • This will make sure that your phone receives the latest speed dial configuration

Speed Dial Keys With Presence

  • You can configure your speed dial keys with presence by checking the box "subscribe to presence" when configuring the speed dial.

  • You will be able to monitor the status of the other phone

    • Flashing Green - Call ringing

    • Solid Red - Call in session

Transfer a Call

  • For VVX Phones

    • Dial the target extension
    • Press Send soft button
    • While on a call press the Transfer soft button

  • For SoundPoint IP Phones
    • Press the Blind soft button
    • Dial the target extension
    • Press the Send soft button
    • While on a call press the Trnsfer soft button
  • If you wish to speak to the target user before initiating the transfer you can do so by placing the caller on hold and making a second call from your phone.
    • While on a call place the caller on hold by pressing the Hold soft button
    • Press the New Call soft button
    • Enter the target extension and press the Send soft button
    • Press the End Call soft button to end the call
    • Press the Resume soft button to pickup the original caller
    • Initiate the transfer as described above.

Transfer a Call to Voicemail

  • For VVX Phones

    • Dial 5 and the target extension
    • Press Send soft button
    • While on a call press the Transfer soft button

  • For SoundPoint IP phones
    • Press the Blind soft button
    • Dial 5 and the target extension
    • Press the Send soft button
    • While on a call press the Trnsfer soft button

3 Way Conference

  • While on a call, press the More soft button, then the Confrnc soft button

    • Dial the next party to join the call

    • Press the Send soft button and wait for the party to answer

    • Press the More soft button, then the Confrnc soft button

Web Interface

Navigate to login using your ROYAL credentials (if you are setting up a shared extension please contact the helpdesk).  Features in the web interface include: view/delete voicemail, set voicemail PIN, set speed dials on your phone, review call history.  Note that you must logout each time you are finished accessing the site.

Known issues:

  • When trying to make a change you might receive the message "Feature not available, Please contact your administrator."
    • Cause: Not having logged out previously when visiting the site
    • Resolution: Click on the three bars, click LOGOUT
    • At the prompt login again

Phone Keys and Hardware

VVX Series

SoundPount IP Series

Advanced Panelbox
titleService Attributes

Service Category

Communication & Collaboration

Network & Telecommunications

Service Name



Faculty, Staff, Affiliates

Service Cost

There is a $10/month charge for each extension

Managing Team

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