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Eastern Mennonite University’s mission is to equip students to think, serve , and lead in a global context. As a Christian university, EMU serves its denomination, the broader church, and the common good through the acquisition and dissemination of disciplined knowledge and reflective practice. In order to carry out its educational mission, EMU is committed to maintaining a community of learning where all members ‐‐ faculty, staff, and students alike ‐‐ are free to pursue truth in all disciplines and modes of inquiry, and are protected from internal or external influences that would restrict them from the responsible exercise of truth‐seeking.


  1. Conflict and Grievance Policy and Procedure

  2. Student Complaint Policy (

  3. Counseling Center  (
  4. Faculty Senate Academic Subcommittee

  5. Faculty policies: Hiring, Appointment, Loading, Contract Reviews and Promotions

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