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  1. Wise Interpreters: We become wise as we faithfully interpret biblical texts in conversation with theological, historical, practical, and ‘life’ texts--within and on behalf of the church and the world. Wise interpreters engage scripture hermeneutically in life-giving ways with both cultivated naïveté and reverent critique.
  2. Mature Practitioners: We mature as we covenant within communities of faith to be formed in Christ-likeness by engaging in personal and communal practices of prayer, discernment, worship and service.  Mature practitioners conduct and identify themselves as ministering persons in both their doing and their being.
  3. Discerning Communicators: We grow as discerning communicators as we appropriately contextualize the Gospel, engaging persons of diverse cultures and faiths winsomely, and yet without uncritical accommodation.
  4. Transformational Leaders: We practice ministerial and public leadership that is transformative when we integrate wise interpretation, mature practice, and discerning communication to engage God’s saving mission in the world, embodied in Jesus Christ.