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General theological certificate:

Semester Hours: 24
Format: Face-to-face

The seminary recognizes the value of its educational programs for certain persons who have not completed a college degree but who can benefit from graduate-level studies by reason of age/maturity and significant experience in Christian ministry. Maturity will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis but is generally understood as at least 35 years of age. Significant ministry experience is means five years (or its cumulative equivalent) of church-related ministry. These criteria must be fulfilled for enrollment in seminary courses. While this program is not a degree program, the student participates in course work as a regular student. Twenty-four (24) credit hours of study are required for the general theological certificate. At least half of this coursework must be taken in residence


Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies:   

Semester Hours: 16-18
Format: Face-to-face

This certificate is designed for curious young adult college grads interested in a deeper faith perspective as they enter the work world, for active professionals seeking to connect faith and career, and for lay Christian leaders who want to connect their engagement in God’s mission to the churches’ faithful witness. Courses will be offered in accessible (hybrid) formats.