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The seminary recognizes that not all students will benefit equally from biblical language study and so offers an Alternate Track within the MDiv program. The  The Alternate Track will replace the language requirements mentioned above with the course BVG 511 Basics of Biblical Language, BVG 621 12 credit hours of biblical language required in the Primary Track with four courses for 12 credit hours: BVOT 532 Elementary Hebrew or BVNT  531 Elementary GreekBVG 621 Interpreting the Biblical Text and two biblical book studies , including an Old Testament book study and a New Testament book study. The All biblical book studies throughout the curriculum build will incorporate an emphasis on the language knowledge acquired in either the Basics course or the elementary language courses in the Primary Trackaspects of the study, encouraging students in the use of language tools and resources.


  • BVG 621 Interpreting the Biblical Text (3 SH)
  • Old Testament book study elective (3 SH)
  • New Testament book study elective (3 SH)
  • BVOT 532 Elementary Hebrew or BVNT  531 Elementary Greek (3 sh)

*Anabaptist-affiliated students must take an Anabaptist studies course; Pastoral Ministry track students must take a Denominational Polity course such as CM 663 Mennonite Faith and Polity or CM 691 United Methodist Polity