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start >


myEMU > Academics Tab > Faculty



1.Select a department. (Click to animate.)

This filters the list of courses and sorts faculty teaching those courses to the top. All faculty are available through search.

3.  Add a section. (Click to animate.)

    • Select a Term
    • Select a Course
    • Add Section [A - K for Harrisonburg,  L - S for Lancaster]
    • Click the + to save

2. Select a faculty member. (Click to animate.)

Annual Load Target is determined in collaboration with deans, associate provost, department chairs and program directors. Target Loads are entered in EX by UG /GR deans and associate provost offices.

4. (Optional) Delete a section. (Click to animate.)

  • Click the X to the right of the section you wish to delete. 

NOTE:  Do not DELETE or EDIT a section added by someone else without appropriate communication and / or approval. 

Faculty pane (left)

  • All faculty are available through search.  Any Faculty loaded for a course in department X will "float" populate to the top of the list.  

  • Inactive faculty--e.g. adjuncts off-contract--are shown in the list with no loading target.
  • Total load is shown for each faculty member. The bar changes color--blue (under target), green (on target) , red (over target)--as they approach and pass the expected target load for that faculty member. 
  • Faculty loading may be 'locked for edit' for a given faculty if someone else is entering load/section for the given faculty. The "lock for edit" limit will clear after 4 hours of inactivity. 
  • If you think a faculty member is missing from the list please contact your dean's office.

Section pane (center)

  • Default course load value is set to student credit hours for the course. You can adjust it.
  • As soon as you save a section it's reflected in the faculty and course columns.

Course pane (right)

  • All active courses listed in the EX Course Catalog are available. 
  • Only courses within the department will be shown.
  • Each course listing shows the total number of sections loaded. Expand any listing to see load details.
  • If you think a course is missing from the list please contact your dean's office.


Where do I access Faculty or Department prior year Loading History?  

  1. myEMU >Academics Tab > Faculty


    Load > Load Reports 

    1. Load by Individual

    2. Load by



    3. Load by Individual on Home Department

Faculty member or course I need is not in the lists ?  

  1. Contact the deans or associate provost offices

How do I know what section letter to use? 

  1. All VA courses begin with section letters A - K  

  2. All PA (Lancaster site)  courses begin with section letters L - S

  3. Field is required but, final section assignments will be reviewed by Registrar's Office. 

What if my faculty teaches in another department? What do I need to do? 

  1. Initiate a conversation with other department chairs/program directors to coordinate loading strategies. 

  2. Load your faculty for your department courses only.

  3. Update the deans or associate provost offices.