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Refunds are made only after notice is received from the registrar of the student’s official withdrawal from a course or courses. Withdrawal procedures should be carefully complied with in order to ensure maximum refund credit. Since EMS must make financial commitments for an entire year, only partial refunds can be made if a student withdraws during a semester. The refund schedule is in the Student Handbook/Campus Directorythe Refund and Withdrawal Policy-Graduate and Seminary section of the Graduate and Seminary Student Handbook.

Veterans Benefits

Students who wish to have EMU certify their eligibility to receive benefits from the Veterans Administration must submit a certificate of eligibility and must provide additional information as needed for the proper certification of their benefits.  EMU will not impose any penalty (late fees, denial of access to classes or campus facilities, etc.) on a student covered by chapter 31 or 33 benefits because of the individual’s inability to meet financial obligations to the institution due to delayed disbursement of funding from the VA.