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Polling is a useful in-class tool to track the general perspective and understanding of participants. Zoom has an easy way to create and launch polls described below.

Zoom Polling

To see what a poll looks like in Zoom, watch the video below.

Creating a Poll

Each meeting can have up to 25 polls which can have multiple questions

Polls can be made after a meeting has been scheduled. Schedule the meeting, then find your meeting by going to Zoom’s home page and signing in.

1. Click the “Meetings” tab on the left hand side.

2. Select the meeting title.

3. Scroll to the bottom under the “Poll” and click “Add.”

Creating Questions

1. Give the poll a meaningful name so that you and your co-hosts knows which one to use 

2. Allow the responses to be anonymous

3. Type your question in the box (you can have up to 225 characters including spaces)

4. Choose the type of question you want to create

5. Create at least two answers to choose from (you can have up to 10 answers, each being up to 225 characters including spaces)

6. Add another question and repeat steps 3-5 (you can have up to ten questions) 

7. Save the poll (you can have up to 25 per meeting)

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