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Degree Requirements

Degree: Master of Business Administration
Semester Hours: 36
Program may be completed fully online (see details regarding international residency below)

The Collaborative MBA is 36 semester hours (SH) which includes North American and international residencies. 

Core Courses 

  • MBA 522 Leadership and Management for the Common Good (3 SH)
  • MBA 523 Human Capital Development (3 SH)
  • MBA 541 Global Sustainability (3 SH)
  • MBA 564 Organizational Behavior (3 SH)
  • MBA 585 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 SH)
  • MBA 615 Narrative Leadership (3 SH)
  • MBA 623 Financial Management (3 SH)
  • MBA 647 Strategic Marketing Management (3 SH)
  • MBA 663 Managerial Economics (3 SH)
  • MBA 670 Strategic Leadership in a Multicultural World (3 SH)
  • MBA 671 Data Analytics for Decision Making (3 SH)
  • MBA 680 Sustainable Organizations and Global Citizenship (3 SH)

International Residency

One of our program's core values is global citizenship. We believe that organizations today are interdependent and mutually accountable to local, national, and global communities. As a result, we believe in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and interfaith engagement. To that end, a global perspective is important for today’s business and organizational leaders. This one-week international residency not only provides students with a global perspective but also a context in an on-going case study for the entire MBA curriculum. In addition, this residency is also a resume enhancing, hands-on experience that provides perspective for student’s day-to-day work and their development as leaders in their organization.

Some students have used the international residency as a launching point for further travel or holiday time in the same location or region, and this may include family members or friends. Students who take the opportunity to extend their experience for personal reasons should plan for their family/friend to arrive on location no earlier than the departure day of the residency.

Transfer Credit

Students may petition for transfer of up to two courses toward the requirements outlined above.

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