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Degree: Master of Business Administration
Semester Hours: 36
Program may be completed fully online

MBA - General Management Concentration (36 SH)

The program (36 credit hours) takes two years, usually in 24 consecutive months, including a three credit hour capstone course. The accelerated format assumes students spend more time on coursework out of class than in a traditional delivery format. Students are expected to take the courses in the order outlined below. Any deviation from this schedule must be approved by the MBA program director.

NOTE: Course requirements and order may change as the program evolves. Students are accountable to the sequence of course work under the catalog in which they entered the program and as updated from time to time on the MBA website. Should program courses change and the student desires to replace an old requirement with a new one, they must petition the director for the change to occur.

  • OLS 510 Leadership & Management for the Common Good (3 SH)
  • OLS 515 Introduction to Leadership Studies (3 SH)
  • OLS 530 Organizational Behavior (3 SH) 
  • OLS 540 Managerial Finance and Accounting I (3 SH) 
  • OLS 560 Leadership Seminar (3 SH) 
  • OLS 670 Project Management/Intrapreneurship OR OLS 665 Project Management/Grant Writing (3 SH)
  • MBA 555 Human Resource Management (3 SH)
  • MBA 560 Stewardship, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship (3 SH)
  • MBA 625 Strategic Marketing Management (3 SH)
  • MBA 629 Data Analytics (3 SH)
  • MBA 640 Managerial Finance and Accounting II (3 SH)
  • MBA 650 Sustainable Organizations for the Common Good (3 SH)

Transfer Credit Policy

Candidates may request to transfer up to nine hours of coursework from other regionally accredited colleges or universities. A transfer of credit request form must be completed. Requests for transfer credit approval may be directed to the program director and will be considered on a course by course basis as applicable to the particular concentration area. A candidate must submit an official transcript from the university that awarded the graduate credit.

All transfer credit must meet the following criteria:

  1. The coursework was completed within five years of admission to the EMU program.
  2. The credit must reflect applicability to EMU’s MBA goals and program purposes.
  3. All transfer work must have a grade of A or B from a regionally accredited college or university.

Transfer of credits completed at EMU to another institution is at the discretion of that institution. Candidates should check with the institution to which they wish to transfer regarding the transferability of EMU credits.

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