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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship


This graduate certificate is an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort between the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) programs. Graduates will be prepared to organize, create, and manage organizations, or programs and projects, working to inspire and lead social change for the common good.


The certificate is 15 semester hours, which is typically five 3-credit hour courses; these are selected in consultation with the certificate advisor to meet each student’s interests or specific needs, and to form a cohesive package that equips leaders to effectively manage and lead nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Students wishing to earn both an MBA degree, and the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, must complete a minimum of 39 semester hours in a curriculum planned together with their advisor.

Course Information and Schedule

Students should plan their curriculum with at least three MBA courses and at least one PAX course:

Required courses (12 SH)

  • MBA 510: Leadership and Management for the Common Good
  • PAX 564: Developing Healthy Organizations or OLS 530 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 560: Stewardship, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship

Elective courses* (6 SH):

  • MBA 515: Introduction to Leadership Studies
  • MBA 555: Legal Aspects of Human Resources
  • MBA 610: Strategic Marketing Management
  • OLS 665: Project Management and Grantwriting
  • MBA 650: Sustainable Organizations for the Common Good (open only to CJP masters students)
  • PAX 533: Analysis: Understanding Conflict
  • PAX 600: Three Dimensional Negotiation
  • PAX 601: Mediation and Negotiation
  • PAX 610: Facilitation: Process Design & Skills for Dialogue, Deliberation and Decision Making
  • PAX 624: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
  • PAX 654: Conflict Coaching

*Other graduate courses may be proposed to the certificate advisor for consideration.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration


Professionals with graduate degrees tend to work in and with organizations, and most are also called to lead and manage businesses, public agencies, or nonprofit entities. A graduate certificate in business administration will provide to professionals outside the business field some of the foundational skills and tools necessary to lead effectively. For professionals already in business or leadership roles, the graduate certificate is an intermediate step between a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field.

Degree Requirements

Within The EMU master’s program in business administration (MBA) prepares graduates to make significant contributions to their organizations in ways that also benefit their communities and humanity. The MBA is distinct in its orientation toward promoting the common good and viewing organizational leaders as vital influencing agents in the turn toward a more sustainable future—social, ecological, and economic. This comprehensive lens includes a strong stakeholder approach and an emphasis on ethics and stewardship of the earth and its many resources. The graduate certificate in business administration is a subset of EMU’s MBA program and is designed to provide administrative skills and tools to professionals who seek, or find themselves in, organizational leadership roles. The 15-hour certificate may be completed in as little as one year, and all credits earned may be applied toward the EMU MBA if students wish to complete the full master’s degree. Certificate graduates are prepared to organize, create and manage organizations, or programs and projects, working to inspire and lead social change for the common good.

Required Courses (15 SH):

  • OLS510: Leadership and Management for the Common Good 
  • OLS530: Organizational Behavior 
  • OLS540: Managerial Finance and Accounting I 
  • OLS515: Introduction to Leadership Studies  or select from the Elective List
  • OLS or MBA free elective selected from the Elective Course List

Elective Course List:

  • MBA550: Technology, Information and Data Analysis (odd-year summers)
  • OLS610: Strategic Marketing Management (every spring)
  • MBA555: Legal Aspects of Human Resources (even-year summers)
  • MBA560: Stewardship, Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship (every summer)
  • OLS665: Project Management and Grant Writing (every fall)
  • OLS670: Project Management and Intrapreneurship (every fall)

No GMAT or prerequisite courses required

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