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Organizations – and the people who manage and lead them – shape our world. People who understand and master good management and leadership skills increase their effectiveness and thus, their ability to shape our world. Our purpose is to build students’ portfolio of management skills, leadership strengths, and stewardship strategies to enable our graduates, and their colleagues, to achieve greater success and to help shape our world.

EMU’s mission and culture encompass the values of ethics, stewardship, and sustainability. Incorporating that culture and mission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) curriculum means that EMU graduates are uniquely prepared to offer leadership with compassion, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.

The MBA program strengthens students’ ability to analyze business situations and solve complex problems, as well as provide strategic direction to firms. Students will strengthen their management skills in accounting, economics, and financial management. Students will develop skills in team management, collaborative innovation, stewardship, and multicultural and global perspectives.

Programs of Study

Designed with the working professional in mind, EMU MBA students join cohorts who take their classes together one night a week. Classes are delivered in a variety of formats including lecture, case study, and group discussion. The program includes a 36 semester hour core, including a 3-hour capstone course. The MBA is usually completed in two years. 

In collaboration with the graduate program in conflict transformation, the MBA program offers a 15 semester hour graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership and social entrepreneurship. The certificate is intended for students seeking highly pragmatic, as well as marketable, training. 

EMU also offers a certificate in business administration. This 15 semester hour certificate is a subset of EMU’s MBA program and is designed to provide administrative skills and tools to professionals who are in – or are seeking – organizational leadership roles.  The 15-hour certificate may be completed in as little as one year, and all credits earned may be applied toward the EMU MBA. 

The EMU Difference

Consistent with EMU’s purpose and core values, the EMU MBA program focuses on developing graduates’ management skills, leadership strengths, and stewardship strategies that enable them to not only succeed as effective organizational leaders, but also to help shape the world.

Management Skills

The EMU MBA core program includes an array of courses that build analytical skills in business management. The program includes all the traditional MBA content areas of accounting, finance, economics, and operations research and also teaches the skills within the context of strong ethical behavior that focuses on profit, social good, and environmental sustainability.

Leadership Strengths

The EMU MBA core program includes many courses that build the qualitative skills necessary to lead in a changing environment, such as comparative perspectives, systems approach to organizational behavior, and business policy and strategy. The program places strong emphasis on communications skills, both oral and written, case studies, and team projects.

Stewardship Strategies

Throughout all courses, the faculty imbue students with the strategic directions, norms, and values that differentiate successful enterprises over the long term.

Courses include stewardship, innovation, and social entrepreneurship, along with a capstone on business as a calling.

MBA Faculty

EMU faculty bring unique experiences – many in international settings – to help students develop their manager-leader capabilities. They will introduce real-life experiences into the classroom, experiences that students complement with their own unique experiences

MBA Students

The MBA program targets mid-career professionals who seek to advance in their current career or change careers and who have a minimum of two years’ work experience. Most students continue to work full time during the entire program.

EMU’s MBA program assumes that students enter the program with experience, skills, and expertise. Regardless of the level of prior experience, students will continue the life-long process of strengthening their management skills, leadership strengths, and stewardship strategies necessary to achieve greater success in business.

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