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Mission Statement:

The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) educates a global community of peacebuilders through the integration of practice, theory, and research.

Vision Statement:

Preparing, transforming, and sustaining leaders to create a just and peaceful world.


The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding is a program of Eastern Mennonite University, an institution grounded in Anabaptist theology, life, and values.

CJP strives to practice and model holistic and values-based peacebuilding. Our values are visible in our processes and actions as we:

  • embrace nonviolence, right relationships, and just community in our lives and practice
  • honor human dignity, diversity, interdependence, and equality
  • foster respect, trust, and collaboration across faith traditions, cultures, and worldviews
  • ensure accountability, participation, and transparency
  • challenge ourselves and others to continual learning and growth
  • support the resilience and the sustainability of CJP/EMU and partner organizations by emphasizing personal, relational, spiritual, environmental, and financial well-being
  • offer hospitality, develop relationships, and build inclusive community with both individuals and institutions
  • focus on positive long-term and deep-rooted change that links personal and social transformation
  • recognize and draw on the capacity for peace in faith-based, spiritual, and secular philosophies
  • work to dismantle systems of oppression, including using our resources to proactively counter the drive towards economies of extraction of wealth (in all its forms) from communities
  • cultivate leadership at all levels and in all positions and promote a model of shared leadership when working with communities
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