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Our Master’s in Healthcare Management program, approved by Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), uniquely challenges students to take courses broadly from several disciplines. Students will take courses in EMU partner programs MBA and MSN in Leadership & Management. Some of the trans-disciplinary aspects are evident in a required cross-cultural component, transdisciplinary seminars, social science and bioethics courses, and finally in a thesis project.

Distinctives of our healthcare management degree:

  • Course work is multidisciplinary, requiring a summer cross-cultural experience, cross-discipline studies, and internship experiences.
  • Small class size; some science lecture periods are integrated with undergraduate students with separate laboratory or graduate experiences.
  • Expert faculty and new science facilities.
  • Terminal M.A. degree (48 graduate semester hours) or one-year certificate (24 program semester hours). Review the gainful employment disclosure for the biomedicine certificate program.

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