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Our Program Values

Following are the values we bring to leadership education:

  • Growing Spiritually – As leaders, we are on a journey of spiritual formation and growth, drawing on our spiritual resources to improve our communities and organizations.
  • Honoring Community – We live, learn, grow, and thrive in relationship with others. We believe that learning occurs best in the context of diverse community.
  • Leading as Service – Transformative leadership starts with self-awareness and leads to empowering and serving others.
  • Upholding Justice – We recognize that all human beings need acknowledgement of their dignity and a dignified way of earning their living; this implies a fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth, sensitivity to the impact of growth, and a commitment to living in right relationship with others and with the planet.
  • Planning for Sustainability – Business, organizational, community and global economic success, as well as an acknowledgement of our interdependence with our environment, are vital for healthy societies.
  • Global Citizenship – We are interdependent and mutually accountable to local, national, and global communities. As a result, we believe in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and interfaith engagement around world problems.
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