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Zoom can track who joined your synchronous classroom sessions and meetings and list them on your Zoom profile online.

Finding Participants

To access Zoom attendance go to the Zoom homepage and login using your faculty/staff gmail account.

1. Click Reports

2. Choose Usage

.Here you will see a list of all of your meetings. You can find the 

3. Topic

4. Start Time and Date

5. Number of Participants 

If you do not have these details listed, you can go to 

6. Toggle Settings to choose what is shown

To see who participated in each of your sessions, click the number listed under Participants. A pop-up window will appear listing each participant's:

7. Screen Name as it appears in Zoom

8. Start Time

9. End Time 

10. Duration of attendance in minutes

You can choose to download the data as an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking:

11. Export 

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