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Why not just use YouTube?  There are several problems with YouTube as a platform for storing institutional videos.  Most significantly, Google does not include YouTube in the GSuite agreement EMU has with Google.  Even if you use your EMU account to access YouTube, it is not subject to the same data privacy and security agreements that we have for GMail and Google Drive.  All of your content is subject to Google's generic consumer privacy policy, which does not meet EMU's data privacy and security standards.  Therefore, IS does not support the use of YouTube for storing institutional data, including instructional videos.  Additionally, EMU has no control of content on YouTube.  Again, even if you use your EMU account, IS has no way to assist you if you accidentally delete content, or if another user would need access to manage your content in your absence, IS could not assist with the transfer.  

In short, if you use YouTube, you're on your own.  And you could be inadvertently creating hardship for someone who may need your content if you're no longer present.

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