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Sympa is an electronic mailing list manager that automates list management functions such as subscriptions, moderation and archive management.

Requesting A List

Any employee of EMU can request a list from Information Systems by completing this online form: Request a Listserv

Logging In 
Note: The owner of the list will be notified by email when the list has been established - usually within one or two business days. Directions about obtaining instructions and documentation will be included in the notification message.

  1. Go to the listserv page at
  2. Hover over "Login" in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your email address and ROYAL password, then click Go

Adding Subscribers To A Listserv

Single Subscribers

  1. Navigate to your list, Admin > Manage subscribers.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to add to the listserv in the "To add an individual user" section.
  3. Click the add button and the person will be added to the listserv.
  4. The Quiet checkbox will prevent the system from sending a welcome message to the email addresses that will be added to the listserv.

Multiple Subscribers

  1. Click on the multiple add button.
  2. Type in the email address and name in the window as shown in the example below.
  3. Remember only one email address and name per line.
  4. Click add subscribers to add the name to the list.
  5. The Quiet checkbox will prevent the system from sending a welcome message to the email addresses that will be added to the listserv.

Deleting Subscribers From a Listserv

  1. Select the users to be deleted by clicking on the boxes to the left of their name.
  2. When all subscribers to be deleted are selected click the delete selected email addresses button.
  3. The suppress removal message checkbox will prevent the system from sending a removal message to the email address that will be removed from the listserv.

Sympa Archives

Sympa maintains an archive of all the messages that are sent to a list. List members and owners can access this archive via Sympa's web interface for historical purposes. However, in most cases the archive is not used. There is a limit on the size of the archive. When it starts to fill up, list owners will receive an email stating that the quota has reached 95%.  This does not mean the list will stop working. If the archive hits the quota, messages will still be sent as usual; they just will not be placed in the archive. To get rid of the error message, it is necessary to free up space in the archive. To do this:

  • Log in to Sympa.
  • Navigate to your list and click the Admin button on the left pane.
  • Click the Manage Archives tab.
  • You will see a list of months for which you can delete the messages from the archive or download a zip file of the messages.
  • To Delete an archive:
    • Select one or multiple months and click "Delete Selected Month(s)"
    • Click Yes at the popup: "Do you really want to delete Selected Archives?"
    • Click Cancel at the popup: "Do you want to Download a .zip file containing the selected archives?"
      • You can choose OK here to download an archive of the backup but you will need to refresh your web page in order to see an upated list of available archives.
  • To Download an archive:
    • Select one or multiple months
    • Click "Download .zip archive"