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Visit to get started and click the blue get started button near the top of the page and log into your account. 

The first step is to associate your cell phone or office number with your EMU Gmail account. Enter your phone number and select text message for a cell phone or phone call for a landline and click the Try It button. 

Enter the code that you received in your text menu and click next. 

You will receive the following success message if enter the correct code. Click the Turn On button to enable two-step verification. 

We recommend enabling  two additional ways to authenticate which provide extra security and allows alternative methods to sign in. 
Scroll down to alternative second step and click on the Set Up link for the Authenticator App. 

Select Android or iPhone depending on which model phone you have and click next. 

Install the Authenticator app from your devices app store and follow the onscreen directions to scan the barcode.

Enter the code from your phone and click the Verify button to complete the setup. 

The other method of two factor authentication is a security key. The security key will only work with the Google Chrome web browser or with a Chromebook so do not try to set up a security key on Firefox or Edge. 
On the alternative second step  screen, select the Security Key option, and follow the on-screen directions. 

That's it! The security key is setup and ready to use.

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