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Print, copy, and scan jobs not billed to a departmental billing code are drawn from a user's personal Papercut printing balance.  Users must must maintain a positive Papercut print balance in order to use these services.  Current costs per page can be found here.

  • Students are credited $25 on January 1 and July 1 every year while enrolled at EMU.
  • Faculty and Staff begin employment at EMU with a balance of $5 and do not receive semiannual credits

Adding Funds to Personal Printing Balance:

Users can check their current account balance and add additional funds to their Papercut accounts as needed by visiting

Money will be immediately credited to the user's Papercut account and will be billed to the user's EMU Account, payable at the Business Office, within three business days.  Students who would like to pay with cash instead may add money to their print balance at the Library front desk or at the Helpdesk.