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What is it?

The Logitech camera is used for smaller group sessions. They are connected to the podium in the classroom and can rotate with a remote.

Where is it?

Campus Center - (CC)

104d, 123, 207, 232c

Sadie Hartzler Library - (LB)


Lancaster Campus - (LC)

001, 002, 003, 004, 005

Roselawn - (RLN)


Seminary Building - (SB)


Suter Science Center - (SSC)

017, 052

University Commons - (UC)


How does it work?

Get Connected

Start a Zoom meeting.

Press the caret button above "Stop Video" on the bottom left and choose "Logitech Camera


The Logitech camera base has several buttons with different functions:

The directional pad pans the camera to change the view. The middle two buttons zoom in and zoom out.


The vertical buttons shown above, increase and decrease the volume coming out of the speakers on the base of the Logitech camera. 

The button to the left of the volume controls the microphone. If the light next to the microphone button is blue the microphone is ON (green star). If it is red, the microphone is OFF (star). Press the microphone button to swap between these settings.



The Remote

The remote has the same functions as the Logitech camera base:

  1. Volume Control

  2. Muting 

  3. Camera Pan and Zoom

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