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2-Step Verification is required for all EMU faculty and staff email accounts. 2-Step Verification requires users to provide their password and a code (the "second step") when logging in. This code is most commonly delivered to your cell phone, however there are other options if you don't have or don't want to use a cell phone. With 2-Step Verification enabled, even if someone has your password, they can't get in because they don't have access to your "second step".

First: Enroll in 2-Step Verification

Instructions for setting up 2-Step Verification

Visual instructions for setting up 2-Step Verification

Video instructions for setting up 2-Step Verification

Second: Add Additional Second Steps

Additional second steps ensures that you can always access your account. There may be times when you do not have your primary second step. In these cases, you can use an alternate second step to sign in.

Setting up Google Prompt

Setting up a security key

Setting up backup codes

Third: Sign in using 2-Step Verification

When signing in with 2-Step Verification, enter your email address and password. Google will prompt you for 2-Step Verification; it will show you which method it is using to contact you.

  • Security Key - Insert the Security Key into the USB port when prompted. Tap the blinking light. 
  • Backup Codes - Enter the backup code when prompted. Each code can only be used once.
  • Google Prompt - Approve the login when prompted on your smartphone.
  • Google Authenticator - Open Google Authenticator and enter the verification code displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EMU requiring faculty and staff to enable 2-Step Verification?

To protect EMU accounts and information secure. Your EMU account has access to your personal information, the loss of which could result in identity theft. Additionally some faculty and staff have access to confidential information about faculty, staff and students. Protecting this information is very important. 

Will I need to enter a code every time I login to my EMU Google account?

No. The first time you sign in on a computer it will require 2-step verification. After that, the computer (and browser you used) is remember for approximately 30 days. After 30 days, you will be required to go through the 2-step verification process again. If you sign in from a new location, you will be required to go through the 2-step verification process again.

I don't have a smart phone, will it still work with 2-Step Verification?

Yes, "dumb" phones can verify sign-ins by text message or voice call. In both cases you need a landline or cell coverage.

I don't have a cell phone. How do I setup 2-Step Verification?

You can set up 2-Step Verification to use your office or home phone (or both). When setting it up, you do need to be by a phone. You can also use a security key or backup codes for when you are not near a phone.

I'll be traveling abroad. What do I need to do?

There are several options for 2-Step Verification usage overseas. 

  • Authenticator app - Requires access to wireless
  • Backup codes
  • Security key

Contact the Helpdesk to determine the best setup for your situation.

Do I need 2-Step Verification when I use classroom computers?

Yes and no. When signing in to a classroom computer you do not need a verification code. However, if you want to use any Google services you will need a verification code. Contact the Helpdesk to determine the best setup for your situation.

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