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Quick start 

myEMU > Academics Tab > Faculty Load

1.Select a department. (Click to animate.)

This filters the list of courses and sorts faculty teaching those courses to the top. All faculty are available through search.

3.  Add a section. (Click to animate.)

    • Select a Term
    • Select a Course
    • Add Section [A - K for Harrisonburg,  L - S for Lancaster]
    • Click the + to save

2. Select a faculty member. (Click to animate.)

Annual Load Target is determined in collaboration with deans, associate provost, department chairs and program directors. Target Loads are entered in EX by UG /GR deans and associate provost offices.

4. (Optional) Delete a section. (Click to animate.)

  • Click the X to the right of the section you wish to delete. 

NOTE:  Do not DELETE or EDIT a section added by someone else without appropriate communication and / or approval. 

Faculty pane (left)

  • All faculty are available through search.  Any Faculty loaded for a course in department X will populate to the top of the list.  

  • Inactive faculty--e.g. adjuncts off-contract--are shown in the list with no loading target.
  • Total load is shown for each faculty member. The bar changes color--blue (under target), green (on target) , red (over target)--as they approach and pass the expected target load for that faculty member. 
  • Faculty loading may be 'locked for edit' for a given faculty if someone else is entering load/section for the given faculty. The "lock for edit" limit will clear after 4 hours of inactivity. 
  • If you think a faculty member is missing from the list please contact your dean's office.

Section pane (center)

  • Default course load value is set to student credit hours for the course. You can adjust it.
  • As soon as you save a section it's reflected in the faculty and course columns.

Course pane (right)

  • All active courses listed in the EX Course Catalog are available. 
  • Only courses within the department will be shown.
  • Each course listing shows the total number of sections loaded. Expand any listing to see load details.
  • If you think a course is missing from the list please contact your dean's office.


Where do I access Faculty or Department prior year Loading History?  

  1. myEMU >Academics Tab > Faculty Load > Load Reports 

    1. Load by Individual

    2. Load by Department

    3. Load by Individual on Home Department

Faculty member or course I need is not in the lists ?  

  1. Contact the deans or associate provost offices

How do I know what section letter to use? 

  1. All VA courses begin with section letters A - K  

  2. All PA (Lancaster site)  courses begin with section letters L - S

  3. Field is required but, final section assignments will be reviewed by Registrar's Office. 

What if my faculty teaches in another department? What do I need to do? 

  1. Initiate a conversation with other department chairs/program directors to coordinate loading strategies, document plans. 

  2. Home department is responsible for loading home faculty with both home department and other department courses.  

  3. Update the deans or associate provost offices.