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  1. EMU email addresses
    1. Each employee and student at EMU receives an email address, eg.
  2. Email aliases:
    1. An email alias delivers email to one or a handful of user inboxes
    2. Sending an email as an alias is possible
    3. To request (or change recipients of) an email alias, fill out this form
    4. To send email as an alias:
      1. In Gmail click on the gear and choose settings > Accounts > Send mail as: > Add another address.  Follow the prompts, unchecking the "Treat as alias" check box.  A verification code will be sent to your alias which you can retrieve from your inbox.
  3. Shared Mailbox
    1. A Shared Mailbox is a separate inbox that one or multiple users are delegated access to.  As a delegate of a Shared Mailbox users are able to view new email and send messages as the shared mailbox.
    2. To request (or change membership to) a Shared Mailbox, fill out this form
  4. Mailing Lists
    1. A mailing list is used to send information to many users simultaneously.  
    2. We have two forms of mailing lists
      1. Google Group (previously Sympa)
        1. List owners manage recipient email addresses.
          1. Manage Google Groups -
        2. To request a Google Group, fill out this form
      2. Broadcast Message System
        1. Broadcast lists are managed automatically
        2. Access the broadcast system here -
        3. To request access to receive or send from additional broadcast lists, fill out this form