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CashNet is used for online payments.

Can parents view statements, make payments and check balances?


Here are instructions for setting up an authorized user:

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click on the Accounts Tab

  3. Under the Accounts Tab click on “View My EMU Account Online”

  4. Click once more on “View My EMU Account Online” on the next page.

  5.  You will now be on your online personal payment/statement portal. This will have your name at the top left and your current balance due top right.

  6. Click on “My Account” (first option on the left).

  7. Under the “Payers” header click on “Send a Payer Invitation

  8. This will bring a side bar pop out to the right.

  9. Enter the required (red asterisk) data for the person you would like to have access to your statements and online account.

  10. Once you have entered their information click “Send Invitation” (Dark grey button at the bottom right).

  11. This will then send an email to the person you would like to have access. The email will have a link, login and a temporary password to help set up the online portal.

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