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EMU Applications

On every EMU workstation there is an icon on the desktop labeled EMU applications. Double click this icon to see a list of applications available for install. In this list there is an entry labeled "Ninite Application Update Standard". Highlight this entry and choose Install at the top. When prompted click download, then run. This will update any applicaiton that came pre-installed, includuing but not limited to Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Java, Adobe products, Cute PDF, VLC Player etc.

IMPORTANT: Any program needing an update must be closed at the time this is run or it will not update. Updating may take up to 25 minutes to complete. This section doesn't apply to Jenzabar J1 updates.


JAMF is used to manage Mac computers and deploy software.


PDQ is used to manage Windows lab computers and deploy software.


SCCM is used to manage Windows employee computers and deploy softare.

Service Attributes

Service Category

End-Point Computing

Service Name

Application Deployment


Faculty, Staff

Service Cost

There is no charge for this service

Managing Team

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