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Technology Fee

Standard Term Program Tech Fee

$ 75.00

per term , per student

$ 75.00

per term , per student

Online, specialized programs or non-standard termvaries
Refunds will be assessed at same rate as the corresponding tuition refunds.

Identification Cards

An ID card is issued to each undergraduate and graduate student upon completion of the Lancaster Online Orientation. Replacement cards are made at the helpdesk for $15. Your EMU ID photo will be used for your EMU ID card, Moodle LMS photo and may also be used in the EMU web directory accessible only by current authenticated students and employees. You may request that it not be used for the EMU web directory by completing the Personal Information Update Form on myEMU (

Printing Services

A copier is available for student use, in the student resource area. The copier is also a network printer LANC_05.

Printing or Copying$.05 per single side page
Color Printing$.10 per single side page
Prices are subject to change

Telephone & Fax Service

The public telephone is located in the Café area.

A plain-paper fax machine is available during regular hours.

The EMU at Lancaster fax number is 717-397-5281.  A cover sheet is recommended. 

Local or 800 # faxesfree
Long distance call faxes$1.00 per page
International call faxes$1.50 per page
Prices are subject to change