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In all cases throughout this handbook, Seminary students are deemed to be graduate students.

A General Services Fee of $100 per semester will be charged to seminary and graduate students registered for nine or more credits in the fall and/or spring semester ($12/credit hour for part-time students taking less than nine credits). This fee applies to all students: on-campus, evening and distance learning.

Payment of the fee ensures that various services and activities/events can be accessed in case they are desired or needed. Below is a sampling of university services provided to students (this is a representative list of services not an exhaustive list). As one might expect, different student populations will utilize these services in different proportions. That said, failing to utilize a specific service will not result in a reduction of the fee. Please note that this fee does not pay the entire cost of these services but is meant to be a contributory fee only (not a full cost reimbursing fee).

Student Services                

  • Counseling Services* 
  • Health Services**
  • Fitness Center Library 
  • Career Services
  • Campus Pastoral Support
  • Athletic events
  • Fine Arts programs

Academic Support Services

  • Academic Success Center 
  • Writing Program
  • Resources including online journals

Technology Services

  • Help Desk
  • Online technology
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Classroom Technology and Learning Management Software
  • Lab resources

*Counseling Services

Payment of this fee ensures access to free short term counseling with one of the counselors in Counseling Services. See for more details.

**Health Services

Both full time (9 credits or more per semester) and part time graduate students will be able to access Health Center services. Full time students are required to fill out the Grad Student Health information form, whether or not they plan to access services. Failure to fill out this form will result in a registration hold until it is completed. Part time students will not get a registration hold if they do not fill out the form, but it must be completed prior to accessing Health Center services. The Grad Student Health Information form only needs to be completed once during the student’s program.

Please note that payment of this fee enables students to be seen at Health Services. The fee covers services not billable to insurance including processing the Graduate Student Health Information Form and immunization requirements (the fee does not cover actual appointments, immunizations or other services rendered). Health Services is able to bill health insurance for services provided. Any applicable co-pays are to be paid at the time of the visit or paid in full if not covered by health insurance. See for more details.