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MA in Education: Curriculum & Instruction Practitioner - Elementary, Middle or High School  

Semester Hours

A. Program Core Curriculum 

(Recommended early in program)

EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change3

EDCC 521 Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation3

EDCC 531 Social & Ethical Issues in Education3

(Recommended later in program)

EDCC 551 Action Research in Educational Settings (Prerequisite: Admission to Candidacy)  

B. Concentration Area 
 (Required course work 12 hrs.)

EDCI 501 Curriculum and Instructional Settings3

EDCI 511 Teaming & Collaboration3

EDDA 511 Teaching Diverse Learners3

Concentration Area Requirement: One of the following literacy courses is recommended3

Elementary:   EDLA 501 Foundations of Literacy

Middle:         EDLA 521 Integrated Literacy Instruction

High:          EDLA 521 Integrated Literacy Instruction

(Electives – 9 hrs.)

Chosen from other MA in Education emphases


C. Reflective Practice

EDPC 611 Action Research Project: Special Education3
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