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If the faculty coordinator/liaison receives a report from an agency instructor that a student has exhibited behaviors not consistent with the required NASW Code of Ethics and standards of professional practice, the student's practicum may be in jeopardy . A meeting will be arranged at which time the student will be given the opportunity to discuss the situation and explain his/her actions. It will be determined what corrective action is necessary, which may include a referral for professional counseling. A determination of how to proceed will then be decided by the field instructor, faculty coordinator/liaison and the student according to procedures outlined in the student handbook.
The student will be formally notified of the decision. Should the student wish to appeal, the student is encouraged to take his/her concerns to the program director or the dean of the school of social sciences and professions. The EMU student handbook outlines the university's conflict and grievance procedures. All termination decisions and actions must be documented and copies maintained in the student's file.

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