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The mission of the Graduate Teacher Education program at EMU is to increase educators’ professional knowledge and competence and to enhance reflective teaching among practitioners, enabling them to:

            • develop leadership by becoming agents of change who advocate for children and youth,

            • create a climate of caring and learning,

            • initiate and respond to change and

            • value service to others.

Guiding program principles include scholarship, inquiry, professional knowledge, communication, caring and leadership.

The Master of Arts in Education is a program of study for the teacher practitioner providing opportunities for professional growth and personal development through applicable course work and relevant experiences.  Constructivist theory is integrated with faith and learning applications.  The program’s core addresses four areas of teacher development:  peacebuilding and conflict resolution, cultures of change, social and ethical issues and action research in educational settings.

The Master of Arts in Education program consists of 36 semester hours including a required core of 12 hours, a specialty area of 21 hours and 3 hours of reflective practice in the form of action research.  Specialty areas include literacy agent, diverse needs strategist, curriculum practitioner, and restorative justice in education practitioner. 

Pennsylvania State certifications in English As A Second Language (ESL) and Reading Specialist can be earned as part of the MA in Ed program or as stand-alone certifications, added to an existing teaching certificate.

Master of Arts in Education Advisory Committee Members:

Jody Allen, Lancaster PA 

Wynne Kinder, Wrightsville, PA  

Robert Houghton, Lancaster, PA

Dan Daneker, Lancaster, PA

Carmen Rowe, Strasburg, PA

Mary Roth, Lancaster, PA

Katelyn Barlet, Lancaster, PA

Master of Arts in Education

  • Concentrations

Graduate Certificates 

  • Restorative Justice in Education
  • Trauma and Resilience in Education Environments

PA State Certifications 

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Reading Specialist

ACT 48 Continuing Education