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Action research project information

The writing program

APA Reference Samples

Double space and indent the second line five (5) spaces. Pay attention to detail (italics, punctuation, capitalization, parentheses, etc.). 

Journal article - Page numbers are continuous throughout the volume: 

Attanucci, J. S. (1996). Placing care in the human life cycle. Journal for a Just & Caring 

Education, 96(3), 25-41. 

Bosworth, K. (1995). Caring for others and being cared for: Students talk. Kappan, 76(4),


Journal article - Page numbers start at 1 in each edition

Lin, Q. (2001). Toward a caring-centered multicultural education within the social

justice context. Education, 122, 7-14. 

Journal article retrieved from the electronic source

Deiro, J. (1997). Teacher strategies for nurturing healthy connections with students

[Electronic version]. Journal for a Just & Caring Education, 3, 92-103.

Larivee, B. (2000). Creating caring learning communities [Electronic version].

Contemporary Education, 71(2), 18-22.


Cohn, M. M., & Kottkamp, R. B. (1993). Teachers: The missing voice in education.

Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. 

Dalton, J., & Watson, M. (1997). Among friends: Classrooms where caring and learning

           prevail. Oakland, CA: Developmental Studies Center. 

Chapter in Edited Book:

Blizek, W. L. (1999). Caring, justice and self-knowledge. In M. S. Katz, N. Noddings, &

K. A. Strike (Eds.). Justice and caring: In search for common ground in

education (pp. 93-109). New York: Teachers College Press.

Document retrieved from web page:

Cancer Foundation. (n.d.). Cultivating positive emotions to optimize self-care. Retrieved July

15, 2005, from

Personal Communication – cited in text only, not included in References:

W. K. Kruger (personal communication, July 6, 2005)

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