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What are the Dispositions?

Teaching boldly in a changing world through an ethic of care and critical reflection

The knowledge base and candidate performance outcomes provide the framework for dispositions that the education program seeks to develop in candidates.


  1. Is punctual and consistent in attendance
  2. Sets appropriate priorities and meets deadlines
  3. Presents a positive outlook
  4. Demonstrates mature judgment and regulates emotions
  5. Takes responsibility for actions
  6. Demonstrates belief that each student can learn


  1. Listens actively to others
  2. Demonstrates compassion and empathy towards others
  3. Promotes justice in relationships
  4. Works with persons from a variety of perspectives and cultural/ethnic groups
  5. Develops collaborative, positive relationships with peers and supervisors

 Scholarship and Inquiry

  1. Demonstrates curiosity/enthusiasm about learning
  2. Asks pertinent questions
  3. Applies knowledge in new settings or across settings
  4. Analyzes and evaluates information across contexts
  5. Considers issues from multiple perspectives
  6. Recognizes bias and demonstrates fairness

 Reflective Action

  1. Responds well to criticism or suggestions
  2. Applies feedback to personal and professional growth
  3. Demonstrates a sound decision-making process using self-reflection as well as other inputs
  4. Self-assesses, evaluates progress, sets realistic goals

Approved by COTE May 8, 2012

Updated February 5, 2013 (MA in Education Department)

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