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Advising and Advocacy

Program directors are the primary advocate for students in their programs.  EMU at Lancaster has a student success team comprised of coordinator of registration and student advising, coordinator of student financial services, coordinator of instructional technologies and IS user services and graduate and undergraduate program assistants.  Contact Information

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty maintain irregular office hours but are available for conferences with students. Please call or email ahead to schedule an appointment with your instructor or adviser.                       

Academic Support

Disability Services:

EMU at Lancaster students who have disabilities are served through the Office of Academic Access, but are encouraged to contact their program director or coordinator of student success.  

Writing & Tutoring Services: 

Matthew Hummer serves as the writing coach for undergraduate programs at EMU Lancaster. Matthew is able to meet with students at Lancaster face-to-face and Zoom, which allows for flexibility. Mary Ann Zehr serves as the writing coach for graduate students and adult learners. Mary Ann is available to meet with students via Zoom, or face-to-face for main campus students. She is located within the Graduate & Professional Studies Writing Center, Library 208. Students are encouraged to utilize writing tutor services as often as possible. Writing tutor services include assistance with basic APA writing, grammar, and general feedback on writing. Online resources are also available to students within Moodle, as well as EMU’s main campus website. 

Please see below for program specific writing information and requirements. 


  • Students will utilize a writing tutor during the 1st course of the RN-BSN program; however, students can continue to use the tutor’s services throughout any point during the semester. 
  • Helpful writing tools are included for further reference under the assigned Moodle orientation for the appropriate student cohort including: 
    • Introductory writing videos 
    • General punctuation guidelines 
    • Helpful resources for academic writing 
  • Students are encouraged to utilize main campus for English as a Second Language (ESL) related needs.
  • Janet Purcell is an ESL contact for Lancaster if face-to-face assistance is preferable. She accepts referrals from faculty and has a fee for service. 


  • For LOM and LOMV, a writing sample is required as part of the admissions process and will be evaluated in order for a student to be granted formal admission. If a student does not pass their writing sample, they will be asked to compose a new essay on a different topic. Conditional admittance may be offered with the requirement that incoming students utilize the services of a writing tutor.
  • Students are not mandated to use a writing tutor, but it is deemed as a helpful resource to supplement the learning curve. 
  • For further assistance, there is a variety of online resources available to students, including: 

General Education 

Students enrolled in core/general education courses at EMU at Lancaster are welcome to utilize the tutoring services of Matthew Hummer or an undergraduate writing tutor located within the Academic Success Center on main campus. Students are encouraged to email them and identify themselves as an EMU student. Additionally, students will need to provide the name of the course in which they are enrolled. There is no additional fee for this services. 


The MAED program at EMU Lancaster will utilize EMU’s main campus for all writing needs. For more information, please visit EMU Writing Program web page