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Degree: Associate of Arts
Semester Hours: 60

A minimum of 60 semester hours (SH) and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 overall and within the major are required. Each student takes EMU Core courses as listed, a two-year major, and electives. A minor is optional. At least 30 SH must be completed through EMU, including at least nine semester hours in the major and six hours in any minor.

Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS)

Each student satisfies EMU Core requirements as listed below.

Christian Faith
Anabaptist Biblical Perspectives - 3
Life Wellness - 2

Transitions - 1
College Writing - 3
University Research* - 1
Speech: Exploring Voice in Vocation 2

Cross-Cultural Learning
Cross-Cultural Designate - 2-3
Foreign Language - 3

Critical Thinking
Creative Arts (1 course)
History (1 course)
Literature (1 course)
Mathematics (1 course)
Natural Sciences (1 course)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (1 course)

Total: minimum of 27 credits

*CORE 120 University Research will be taken only by first-year students who fulfill WRIT 130 College Writing prior to enrollment at EMU.

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