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Advisors: Deanna Durham and Timothy Seidel
 Bachelor of Arts
Semester Hours: 46-50

The peacebuilding and development major prepares students for professional practice in the fields of peacebuilding and international and community development. It focuses on understanding and promoting constructive social change toward peace, justice, and well-being for people in situations affected by conflict, poverty, and inequality.

The major has an emphasis on the development of practical skills through experiential learning grounded in extensive in-class simulations, on campus and local practice opportunities, and a practicum in the field. The required practicum is typically completed through the Washington Community Scholars' Center in Washington, D.C., through the grant-supported International Peacebuilding and Development Practicum (IPDP), or through a local or student-initiated experience. It provides experience and opportunities for networking and skill development.

This focus on practice is paired with rigorous interdisciplinary grounding in theories of violence, peace, and social change as well as investigation of theological, philosophical, economic, political, cultural, and ecological motivations for change.

To graduate with this major, students must be admitted to the program. This normally will occur by application during the spring semester of the sophomore year. Transfer students beyond the sophomore level will apply for admission after their first semester at EMU. Only students admitted to the program will be permitted to participate in program practica.

Students seeking admission to the program must meet the GPA standards of 2.0 overall, earn at least a C in all PXD courses, and complete an application process. Students must achieve at least a C in all upper-level PXD courses for graduation with the major.

PXD majors have the option of taking Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) courses that may substitute for a major requirement when approved by the PXD advisor. Exposure to the Summer Peacebuilding Institute of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding provides students with a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in justice and peacebuilding and related areas of practice.

Graduates are prepared for graduate study or entry-level positions in nongovernmental, government, non-profit, and private organizations whose missions are to address social problems and to create and sustain social change. Areas of practice could include peacebuilding and community and international development, mediation and conflict transformation/resolution, peace and justice activism, collaborative problem solving, community organizing, program evaluation, peace education, victim assistance programs, research, restorative justice, law, and social and public policy analysis and advocacy.

Foundation (14-16 SH)

  • PXD 151 Exploring Conflict and Peace  Details  OR SOC 101 Intro to Sociology - 3  Details
  • PXD 225 Theories of Social Change - 3  Details
  • PXD 431 Peacebuilding & Development Practicum - 1-3  Details
  • SOC 336 Methods of Social Research - 3  Details
  • SSC 490 Social Sciences Capstone - 2  Details
  • STAT 120 Descriptive Statistics - 2  Details

Theory (15 SH)

  • PXD 345 Peacebuilding Theory and Action - 3  Details
  • PXD 365 Social and Political Economy - 3  Details
  • PXD 485 Global Development - 3  Details
  • Choose two of the following:
    • *PXD 335 Understanding Violent Conflict - 3  Details
    • PXD 375 Globalization and Justice - 3  Details
    • *SOC 255 Social Movements - 3  Details

Practice/Skills (12 SH)

  • *PXD 261 Community and Conflict Analysis Techniques - 3  Details
  • PXD 341 Mediation and Facilitation - 3  Details
  • Choose two of the following:
    • BUAD 465 Project Management and Grantwriting - 3  Details
    • PXD 331 Restorative Justice and Trauma Awareness - 3  Details
    • *PXD 451 Program Evaluation Through Qualitative Methods - 3  Details
    • SOWK 330 Social Policy Analysis - 3  Details

Supporting Theory (5-7 SH)

  • POL 113 International Relations - 2  Details  OR an approved PPX course OR SOWK 360 Race and Gender - 3  Details
  • THEO 323 Biblical Theology of Peace and Justice - 3  Details

* indicates the course is offered in alternate years

Summer Peacebuilding Institute
Students have the option of choosing one course to replace one core course as approved by a PXD advisor.

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