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Advisor: Margo McIntire, VA program coordinator; Mary Jensen, PA program director
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Semester Hours: 71 (32 EMU Core + 39 program courses)
Admission Requirements: To be considered for admission to the accelerated LOM degree completion program, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 48 SH of transferable credit from accredited colleges or universities.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.
  • Current employment or involvement with an organization which enhances the learning outcomes of the program.
  • Twenty-three years of age. This requirement is waived for Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology transfer students in Lancaster.
  • A satisfactory writing sample.

Eastern Mennonite University recognizes that the traditional delivery format does not always accommodate the educational needs of adults. The accelerated Leadership and Organizational Management (LOM) degree completion program is designed to fit the lives of people who are busy with professional and/or family commitments. The accelerated program, tailored for a mature, interactive learning style, has the following features:

  • Classes are held one night each week for approximately 15 months focusing on leadership and organizational management. In Harrisonburg, VA,  the program is available in three formats: as a hybrid program with approximately one-third of the class sessions are held online using a combination of synchronous and asynchronous technologies, fully online in a synchronous format, and face-to-face at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, VA. In Lancaster, PA, all coursework is delivered in a face-to-face format.
  • Course content is focused on practical application to the occupation of the student.
  • The program capitalizes on the experiences and skills of the adult student and in some cases, offers credit for previous professional and life experiences.
  • Students are admitted as part of a "cohort group" which participates in the entire series of courses together.

Leadership and Organizational Management Major
The major in leadership and organizational management, an interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a bachelor of science degree, provides expertise in leadership, human dynamics, and organizational management for business and public administration. This interdisciplinary program takes a systems approach to the problems, principles and practices of management and leadership incorporating conceptual and theoretical knowledge. The curriculum is organized into thirteen sequential courses. Students must achieve a grade of C- or better in each course. See the LOM program policy handbook for graduation requirements.

EMU Core Requirements (32 SH)


  • Anabaptist Biblical Perspectives (included in program) - 3


  • College Writing3
  • Speech - 2
  • Writing Intensive designates (included in program) - 2 courses


  • Cross-cultural designates (included in program) - 6


  • Statistics - 3
  • Natural Sciences - 3
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - 3
  • Creative Arts - 3
  • History or Literature - 3
  • Senior Seminar (included in program)3

Additional Courses (38 SH)
*Courses marked with a hashtag fulfill EMU Core requirements included in the 32 SH total above.

  • #BIST 390 Biblical Perspectives - 3 Details
  • #CCSSC 440 Cross-Cultural Perspectives - 3  Details
  • LOM 320 Leadership Development - 3  Details
  • LOM 350 Organizational Behavior - 3  Details
  • LOM 360 Groups and Individuals in the Organization - 3  Details
  • LOM 380 Team Dynamics - 3  Details
  • #LOM 405 Organizational Research - 3  Details
  • LOM 410 Human Resource Management - 3  Details
  • LOM 415 Action Planning in Organizations - 1  Details
  • LOM 420 Leadership Theory - 3  Details
  • LOM 430 Leadership Practice - 3  Details
  • #LOM 440 Global Trends in Economic Justice - 3  Details
  • #LOM 460 Application of Research Project (ARP) - 2  Details
  • #SRSEM 460 Business Ethics - 3  Details
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