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Advisor: Jerry Holsopple
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Semester Hours: 50-51
Format: Face-to-face

Senior Exhibits and Productions: VACA seniors in art, digital media and communication, and photography complete a major production or exhibit within their major. This senior exhibit/production represents a culminating event for every major—a chance to synthesize their learning experience in an outstanding body of work, to celebrate the accomplishments of a successful undergraduate career, and to showcase their best work for the broader community. As such, this requires significant teamwork and collaboration with student colleagues and faculty, along with substantial preparation of the work for presentation during the semester of graduation. Marketing majors complete the capstone course MKTG 410 Strategic Marketing Management.

Sophomore Review:  Incoming students may declare a major in art, digital media and communication, or photography. Visual and communication arts faculty will conduct a portfolio review after incoming first-year students have been at EMU for three semesters. Transfer students (who have completed the equivalent of at least three semesters in a similar major elsewhere) will usually complete the review process after one semester at EMU. The VACA program director may approve exceptions to the timeline. The chair will also approve an appropriate timeline for EMU students who change majors or for students who transfer in from a non-related program.

Students who do not pass the portfolio review will need to drop the major. They may continue to take VACA classes but will not have priority for course enrollment. Only VACA majors may enroll in VACA 481 Senior Thesis, internships, and independent studies.

Students who do not pass the review may re-apply to the major by requesting a new portfolio review after one year. 

Required Courses (18 SH)

  • VACA 121 Drawing - 4  Details
  • VACA 141 Foundations of Design - 4  Details
  • VACA 142 Graphic Design I - 2  Details
  • VACA 151 Photography I - 2  Details
  • VACA 381 Cinema and Visual Theory - 2  Details
  • VACA 382 Contemporary Art - 2  Details
  • VACA 481 Senior Thesis - 2  Details

 Additional Courses (32-33 SH)

  • VACA 252 Photography II - 4  Details
  • VACA 262 Video Production - 4  Details
  • *VACA 263 Audio Production - 2  Details
  • VACA 344 Web Design and Social Media - Details
  • VACA 345 Advanced Photoshop - 4  Details
  • *VACA 364 Motion Graphics/After Effects - Details
  • *VACA 367 Hybrid Storytelling - 4  Details
  • Choose one pair of courses:
    • HUM 200 Foundations in Humanities - 2  Details  AND *VACA 465 Visual Storytelling-Non-Fiction - 4  Details
    • *THR 361 Screenwriting - 2  Details  AND *VACA 466 Visual Storytelling-Fiction - 4  Details
  • Choose one of the following:
    • VACA 242 Graphic Design II - 2  Details
    • VACA 243 Graphic Design III - 2  Details
    • VACA 434 Advanced Drawing - 2  Details
    • VACA 435 Advanced Painting - 2  Details
    • WRIT 210 News and Feature Writing - Details

Recommended Course

  • VACA 491 Internship - 1-4  Details

* indicates the course is offered in alternate years

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