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Advisor: Owen Byer
 Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (see details below)
Semester Hours: 49-50

Recognizing the wide range of topics covered by computing, EMU offers a program that allows students, together with the faculty advisor, to create a custom plan of study. The computer science major consists of 14 SH of foundational computer science courses covering programming, networking, computer architecture and system software, and database technologies; 9-10 SH of mathematics courses covering calculus through integration, topics in discrete mathematics, and basic statistical methods; a 2 SH capstone project; 16 SH of upper-level computer science courses; and an additional 6 SH from computer science or related fields for a total of 49-50 SH. The specific 16 SH of upper-level computer science courses and the additional 6 SH of electives will be determined by the student and advisor working together to tailor the program to the educational goals and career objectives of the student.

Computer science students typically earn a bachelor of arts degree. Students with a plan of study including CS 345, CS 355, CS 445, CS 455, MATH 170, MATH 185, and STAT 220 can opt for a bachelor of science degree instead. Students planning to seek a graduate degree in computer science should consider a double major in computer science and mathematics.

Foundational Courses (14 SH)

  • CE 165 Networking and Data Communication - 2  Details
  • CE 175 Architecture and Operating Systems - Details
  • CS 145 Introduction to Programming  Details OR CS 155 Programming in Python  Details OR CS 245 Programming in Java - 2  Details
  • CS 255 Intermediate Programming - 2  Details
  • CS 265 Databases and Information Management - Details
  • CS 275 Web Applications - 2  Details

Upper-Level Courses (16 SH)
Choose from the following:

  • 300-level or 400-level CS courses
  • *CE 365 Digital Circuits - 3  Details
  • *ENGR 325 Engineering Ethics - Details

Mathematics Courses (9-10 SH)

  • MATH 134 Finite Math-Logic and Problem Solving - 2 Details  AND MATH 136 Finite Math-Number Theory and Probability - 2 Details  OR MATH 170 Discrete Mathematics - 4 Details
  • Any STAT course - 2
  • *MATH 150 Elements of Calculus - 3  Details  OR MATH 185 Calculus I - 4  Details

Computer Science or Related Field Electives (6 SH with advisor approval)
Each student will choose additional courses based on a theme of study. The courses are selected with consultation and approval of a faculty advisor.

Senior Capstone (2 SH)

  • CS 475 Capstone Project - 2  Details

* indicates the course is offered in alternate years

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