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Advisor: Andrew Suderman
Degree: Associate of Arts
Semester Hours: 60 (30 from EMU Core, 30 in biblical and church studies)

This program allows the student to combine requirements from the EMU Core with a 30 SH concentration in biblical and church studies. Students complete elective credits as needed to reach the total of 60 SH required for the AA degree.

Required Courses (30 SH)

  • *BIST 212 And the Word Became Book-History of the Bible - Details
  • *BIST 223 Four Portraits of Jesus-Reading the Gospels  Details OR *BIST 323 Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul  Details  OR *BIST 341 Old Testament Studies - 3  Details
  • CHST 435 Martyrs, Merchants, and Mendicants-1500 Years of the Christian Movement - Details
  • PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy  Details OR *PHIL 412 Philosophy of Religion - 3  Details
  • REL 223 World Religions - 3  Details
  • *THEO 312 Topics in Christian Theology - 3  Details
  • BIST, CHST, PHIL, REL, THEO electives - 12 

* indicates the course is offered in alternate years

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